Vesturhopsvatn Lake, near Breidabolsstadir, Iceland

Vesturhopsvatn Lake, near Breidabolsstadir, Iceland

Being general optimists, my wife and I made reservations to go on a cruise with her sisters in October, 2021. Since that is a time that I like for us to do a dedicated photography trip, I checked around for an alternative. I found a nice looking photo workshop to Iceland for November, and made additional bookings for that. This turned out to be a doubly good plan, as the cruise ended up getting cancelled anyway.

Landing in Iceland (my wife decided to stay home), I was met by the workshop leader and a snowstorm. We spent the rest of the day mostly driving through the gloomy weather. The snow did stop for the next couple days, and we did get to see and shoot some good locations, but it was not what you would call the best light. The conditions remained overcast most of the time.

On the afternoon of the third day, we were heading for the next targeted stop. Our schedule was fairly tight, and we did not have much spare time. Mid afternoon, however, the sky opened up nicely and let some real sunlight through. Shortly after that, we saw that we were driving past a lake with beautiful reflections of the snow covered mountains on the opposite shore. The workshop participant that was in the front seat with the group leader insisted that we stop here to shoot. Thank goodness that he did. It turned out to be one of the nicest scenes that we got on the whole trip, even if it was going to upset our schedule.

We got out of the van and walked down a path from the road toward the lake. This was one of my favorite shots, with highlights on the foreground trees, reflected mountains, and partly cloudy sky.

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