Not Your Everyday Bird on a Stick — A CREATIVE ADVENTURE photography by denise ippolito

Not Your Everyday Bird on a Stick — A CREATIVE ADVENTURE photography by denise ippolito

I often hear the phrase (and I have said it myself) nobody cares about a bird on a stick. Usually when someone says this comment, they are referring to the everyday run of the mill bird sitting on a branch shot. Don’t get me wrong, some can be quite lovely, but usually it holds the meaning that the shot needs something more to make it compelling than just a bird and a stick.

I think Donna’s bird on a stick shot featured above brings the meaning of that phrase to a new level. Not your average bird, not your average perch, not your average weather condition. I think the shot is fantastic, especially with the extended talons that stand out as well as the fully open wing position with fanned tail feathers. The bird is sharp and well exposed and the intense look on the eagle’s face with the colorful bill makes this a winner. Oh, ya, the snow doesn’t hurt <wink>.

Donna Bourdon just returned home from her very successfully Alaska’s Bald Eagle workshop that she conducted for A Creative Adventure Tours. Donna’s group spent 5 glorious days photographing the eagles from a private boat. I was so happy to hear that they had great weather and it even snowed for them.

During the Zoom image review session that I did with the group I had a chance to see many of their images. I was impressed by the quality and variety that each participant captured. I’ll be sharing some of them soon.

Donna received rave reviews from her group. One of the participants, when asked, wrote “Honestly, it was one of the best wildlife photographic experiences of my life and I feel like I was able to capture some of the best images ever as well”. Her 2023 back to back workshops are selling nicely. If you’d like to learn more about one of these workshops CLICK HERE.

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