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Project Planet - panoramic photo request

Request ID: WPS170507
Request Date:
17 May 2007
15 June 2007
Request Subject:
Project Planet - panoramic photo request

World Panorama Stock (WPS) and Special Event, a Budapest based event agency is working on a unique project that has never happened before in the Central European region in the field of panoramic imaging and projection. Their client is a multinational credit card company.

Since 1992 every August a week long festival is held on the Shipyard Island (that's Hajógyári Sziget) on the river Danube in the middle of Budapest. This is called Sziget Festival, the largest open air musical and cultural festival in Europe. 400 000 visitors coming annually for this event. During the seven days of the festival a large number of world famous bands, cultural events and programs entertain the visitors.  

This year there will be a project called: Planet. A hemispherical tent (diameter of the tent: 18 meter) will be put up where a screen of 2 meters high from ground will be installed. The size of the screen: 55 meters long and 4 meters wide. This long screen will run around the wall of the tent. A special projection software will be used to project 360° panoramic pictures on this screen. The goal is to ?exhibit? our planet on Sziget festival, to show the various geographies of the globe.

Every day a different exhibition will be presented about each continent. Sound effects, narration, and activities will be added that has a direct link to the continent.

Themes for each day:
2007. VIII. 8.                Europe
2007. VIII. 9.                Asia
2007. VIII. 10.            Africa
2007. VIII. 11.            America
2007. VIII. 12.            Australia
2007. VIII. 13.            Antarctica
2007. VIII. 14.            (On the last day an exhibition of panoramic pictures will be held that had been taken on the Sziget Festival)

To have an outstanding project we?re looking for partners. We need full 360 degree panoramic pictures in the themes above (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Antarctica). The applicant could interpret each theme (continent) absolutely free.

Panoramic pictures need a lot of space, special technology therefore it is difficult to show them in a regular art gallery. This tent will be a perfect spot to show full panoramic pictures on an exhibition for really large audience. The agency thinks forward. In case ?Project Planet? will meet the expectations and will be successful, the plan is to go for an international tour with the images.
The panoramic pictures will be used only during the six days of the Sziget Festival in the Planet tent.
The images will be slightly edited with some animation and light effects added.

Specifications: based on the screen size mentioned above the final 360 degree image size used by the software is 10,250 x 576 pixels, but you may submit images with sizes around 6-7,000 x 800 (or 1,000) pixels. These pixel ratios may seem strange at the first sight, but this is a compromise: the designers and technicians will adjust images to their needs.

Fees: credit will be given to the copyright owner of the image, but for the usage period mentioned above no fee will be paid.

Submissions: If you decide to participate in Project Planet you are invited to create a World Panorama Stock account.

Please register at: http://www.worldpanoramastock.com/photographer_signup.php
and give a short description of your background as a panoramic photographer.

After your registration is approved by the admin of World Panorama Stock you can start uploading your images into a non-public, password protected directory of 0_Planet_15.06.2007 which is at the top of the directory structure.

According to the rules of WPS the submission is not automatic, every image is reviewed before approval.
Participants may submit five images as a maximum.
Please do not upload your full size images for preview, but resize them to 1,300 pixel width as maximum.

For all correspondence regarding  Project Planet please use this e-mail address: project_planet /@ / worldpanoramastock. com and we will do our best to respond within two working days.

Participants of selected images will be notified by e-mail only not later than 15 of July, 2007.

Finalists will be entered into contract with Special Event Ltd.

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